Winter foods to boost your immunity


Winter is right here, and whereas we’re joyful to get respite from the sweltering warmth, additionally it is the time when our immune programs are weak. At the moment, our physique wants nutritious meals that may defend us from seasonal ailments.

Incorporating meals excessive in these vitamins into our each day eating regimen can naturally assist to spice up your immunity and improve total well being. Different vitamins present in meals may work alongside these key immune-supporting vitamins, so a constant healthful consuming fashion is helpful.

So, listed below are meals which you could embrace in your eating regimen to strengthen your immunity this winter.


Inexperienced peas are freshly accessible solely through the winter season. They’re, nonetheless, super-rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which makes them a terrific addition to your winter eating regimen to spice up immunity. Wealthy in polyphenol, fibre and protein, peas additionally assist to maintain you fuller for longer.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens comparable to fenugreek (Methi), lamb’s quarters (Bathua), mustard leaves (Sarson), and so on are extensively accessible through the winter season. These meals are nice on your immune system as they comprise excessive ranges of vitamin C, vitamin Ok, and folate – all of that are nice immunity boosters.


Oranges are additionally extensively accessible through the winter season, and are recognized for his or her immunity-boosting properties because of the wealthy content material of vitamin C. Consuming entire fruit as a substitute of juices is nonetheless beneficial for higher well being.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla is one other seasonal, but tremendous nutritious meals accessible through the winters. You may be shocked to know that amla comprises about 5 instances the vitamin C current in oranges. It’s a nice immunity booster and detoxing meals.


Radish is one other winter season vegetable that’s tremendous wealthy in vitamins like vitamin C and might defend you in opposition to ailments comparable to frequent chilly and flu, that are frequent throughout winters. Radish can be wealthy in fibre, which makes it a terrific vegetable to be consumed in salads or in any other case.


Ginger is filled with anti-inflammatory properties that assist the immune system fend off micro organism and viruses. Consuming ginger tea or a medicinal ginger concoction on an empty abdomen, within the morning, might hold away a number of ailments and strengthen the immune system.



Almonds are stuffed with vitamin E which can be necessary for strengthening the immune system. Antioxidants current in almonds assist combat infections and is vital to a wholesome immune system.

Vitamin E wants fat to be absorbed by the physique and almonds are stuffed with each nutritional vitamins and fat.


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