Why You’re Still Gaining Weight When You’re Counting Calories, Says Expert — Eat This Not That


Have you ever ever dedicated to counting energy to be able to drop some pounds, solely to develop pissed off and quit after a scarcity of outcomes? If this has occurred to you, you are not alone.

Counting energy leaves many individuals disheartened and confused, and when individuals do drop some pounds with this technique, it is common for the kilos to creep again after the counting is completed. And but, this technique of weight reduction continues to be very talked-about.

With a view to unravel this thriller, we spoke with Cambridge geneticist and weight problems researcher Dr. Giles Yeo, creator of Why Energy Do not Rely: How We Acquired The Science of Weight Loss Improper, in regards to the science behind energy and why counting them would not all the time work for sustainable weight reduction.

In response to Dr. Yeo, the primary factor that individuals get unsuitable is the idea that so long as we’re counting what number of energy we eat, it would not matter the place they arrive from. This assumption, nonetheless, isn’t true.

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Not all energy are created equal

Many individuals consider they should depend energy to be able to successfully drop some pounds, however consultants are saying that it is way more advanced than simply the quantity.

In reality, in keeping with Harvard Well being Publishing, there are three foremost elements in terms of how your physique processes the energy you eat: your metabolism, your intestine microbiome well being, and the kind of energy you are consuming.

That is precisely why Dr. Yeo believes that not all energy are created equal.

We do not truly eat energy, moderately, we eat meals from which our physique then extracts the energy,” says Yeo, “and your physique has to work kind of to extract energy relying on the kind of meals you eat.”

Dr. Yeo says that is referred to as “caloric availability” and is why it makes a distinction whether or not your energy come from steak, carrots, or a donut.


Caloric availability is the precise quantity of energy that your physique can extract from the meals you eat, in comparison with the overall energy a meals holds. So proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are all digested utilizing completely different quantities of vitality and due to this fact require completely different lengths of time.

“For each 100 energy of protein we eat, we’re solely in a position to make use of 70 energy as a result of it takes 30 energy of vitality to course of 100 energy of protein, which suggests protein is 70% out there,” says Yeo, “and this is likely one of the explanation why a calorie of protein makes you are feeling fuller than a calorie of fats or carbohydrate.”

To check, fats has a caloric availability near 100%, advanced carbohydrates (like complete grains) have about 90%, and a refined carb (like white bread) has 97%. This implies your physique is utilizing very small percentages of vitality to course of fat and carbs in comparison with protein.

That is all associated to the thermic impact of meals (TEF) that your physique experiences when digesting and metabolizing completely different macronutrients. The TEF for protein is way increased in comparison with carbohydrates or fat, inflicting your metabolism to work more durable as you digest it. This is the reason many medical consultants advocate including good sources of protein to 1’s eating regimen for weight reduction.

The right way to drop some pounds with out counting energy

As a result of not all energy are created equal, Dr. Yeo suggests leaving the calorie counting behind and as an alternative specializing in bettering the standard of your eating regimen. He recommends growing the quantity of protein you eat from each animal and plant-based sources, growing your fiber consumption, and making an attempt to maintain added sugars to lower than 5% of your whole each day consumption.

If counting energy hasn’t labored for you, the excellent news is that there are many more healthy, extra sustainable methods to drop some pounds. For some who nonetheless like monitoring their meals, an alternate technique like counting macros may match, however you must discuss with a health care provider or dietitian earlier than beginning any new dietary plan.

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