What Is the Lion Diet, and Is It Safe?


Excessive, restrictive diets have lengthy been touted as “cure-alls” for a variety of well being points. Eating regimen plans like keto, Complete 30, and intermittent fasting are available waves — or actually traits — and in line with Mayo Clinic, there’s not a whole lot of onerous science behind claims to “detox” your physique or enhance your total well-being.

TikTok’s newest food plan development known as the Lion Eating regimen — consisting solely of ruminant meat (which means the meat from cattle, sheep, buffalo, and elk), salt, and water for 30 days or longer.

The food plan was invented by blogger and podcaster (notice: not a physician or dietician) Mikhaila Peterson, who has been consuming this manner since December 2017. Per the Lion Eating regimen’s web site, Peterson says the meat-based menu has helped her heal from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, continual sickness, melancholy, and SSRI withdrawal.

“My neurological signs from SSRI withdrawal took 2.5 years to heal however they’re gone,” she writes. “I’m not dying of scurvy. I am therapeutic. I hope sooner or later I am going to be capable of eat crops once more with out neurological or autoimmune signs . . . Do not let anybody inform you you possibly can’t repair your self.”


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Registered Dietitian and proprietor of UNstuck Diet Sarah Bullard says the Lion Eating regimen is “a strict elimination food plan with the top aim of much less irritation and elimination of meals allergens. With any elimination food plan, the primary level is to get rid of potential allergens for a brief period of time, sometimes 4-6 weeks, after which reintroduce the potential allergens one after the other to evaluate if that was the set off or not.”

Elimination diets are by no means meant to be adopted life-long, just for a few month, says Bullard, as nearly each vitamin and mineral is in danger for deficiency if following this food plan long-term.

In fact, food plan is a core element of a wholesome way of life — and for many individuals, sure meals plans can vastly enhance their continual situations. For instance, Cleveland Clinic notes that elimination diets could be helpful for individuals with allergy symptoms, meals sensitivities, and meals intolerance, however solely recommends this underneath the steering of a medical skilled. These with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) might also profit from the low-FODMAP food plan, which reduces the consumption of sure sorts of hard-to-digest carbohydrates. And whereas there are specific meals that may assist with situations like arthritis, the Arthritis Basis states that “no food plan can remedy arthritis.” Translation? Solely consuming meat, salt, and water is not going to remedy your continual situations.

“The Lion Elimination Eating regimen is just not the best steadiness of vitamins for youngsters and most adults. It might probably stunt a toddler’s development and growth,” says Bullard. Nonetheless, a standard elimination food plan (Bullard recommends the elimination food plan by the Institute of Practical Medication) is efficient for resolving meals allergy symptoms and intolerances.

The take-home message? In case you are excited about attempting out a brand new consuming plan to assist with a selected situation, or just introduce new wholesome consuming habits, TikTok is just not going to be your greatest guess for secure, dependable data. “There are different elimination diets which can be much less excessive and supply comparable outcomes with out the chance of extreme deficiencies. The usual elimination food plan has clear time frames and gives a broader vary of meals to eat whereas on the food plan. Analysis backs this food plan and its effectiveness and security, and it’s the gold customary for figuring out meals allergy symptoms and intolerances,” says Bullard. However as at all times, communicate with a trusted physician or dietician earlier than reducing out massive meals teams or beginning an elimination food plan.

It may be straightforward to fall into the lure of wanting to “remedy” or “heal” your self, particularly when Peterson consists of her personal story and anecdotal accounts of melancholy, IBS, eczema, and continual ache magically resolving with the Lion Eating regimen. However disabled, chronically sick our bodies aren’t damaged — and forgoing scientifically-backed remedy for a white-knuckled food plan might do extra hurt than good.


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