Want a Full Head of Healthy Hair? Try This Indian Hair Care Routine


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Many Indian moms and grandmothers have historically pampered their kids with oily, natural head massages. Afterward, they may apply sudsy reetha, also called soapnuts, and rinse with aromatic water.

This care and a spotlight is believed to result in thick, lustrous, wholesome hair.

These practices might be traced again to Hindu myths and non secular texts, referred to as the Vedas. In them, offended deities had unruly hair, whereas affected person ones had thick, curly locks or easy braids.

These myths, and the Ayurvedic practices that help, them are a part of conventional hair care in India. You may apply these identical cures at residence to encourage hair progress and get shiny, bouncy tresses.

To get optimum hair progress with Indian cures, it helps to grasp the fundamentals of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an historical observe based mostly on figuring out the humors of the physique and their relationship to the pure parts: air, wind, earth, hearth, and ether.

Ayurveda identifies three predominant doshas, or constitutions, referred to as vata, pitta, and kapha. Everybody has a mixture of 1, two, or all three. Every dosha influences the interior organs, in addition to an individual’s physique, attributes, and feelings.

Ayurvedic practitioners consider that dosha imbalance causes sickness. These imbalances can have an effect on numerous components of the physique, together with the hair and the way properly it grows.

Ayurveda teaches {that a} wholesome physique and thoughts will lead to wholesome hair and scalp, resulting in optimum hair progress.

Vata hair qualities

A vata particular person has the next proportion of air and ether. An individual with a balanced vata dosha is prone to have naturally wavy hair and a slightly dry scalp.

They’re additionally prone to have porous hair. This implies the hair absorbs merchandise and dyes properly. This additionally signifies that hair strands soak up mud, smoke, and toxins within the air and are susceptible to breakage and harm.

When the general vata dosha is imbalanced, the person could develop an oily scalp with itchy dandruff and hair fall, or sluggish hair progress.

Pitta hair qualities

Pitta sorts have a larger proportion of fireplace and water or hearth and air. An individual with a balanced pitta dosha will seemingly have naturally straight, silky hair.

Their hair is reasonably immune to hair dyes and colours, as a result of the hair follicle is usually dense. This implies it’s immune to each topically utilized vitamins and air-pollution.

An imbalanced pitta dosha could cause dryness or oiliness on the scalp, relying on the proportions of air and water. Imbalanced pitta can also lead to hair fall and sluggish hair progress.

Kapha hair qualities

Kapha sorts have the next proportion of earth and water. An individual with a balanced kapha dosha will seemingly have naturally curly hair with coarse texture and an oily scalp.

The hair follicle is commonly very dense and doesn’t soak up vitamins or dyes simply. When this dosha is unbalanced, hair could change into superb and brittle, and it might break simply.

Kapha sorts are the least prone to expertise hair loss, however their hair could also be gradual to develop.

Since everybody’s doshas are a bit of totally different, a hair progress routine that works for one particular person may not work for another person.

The next components all make up complete Ayurvedic hair care:

  • wholesome thoughts and feelings
  • optimum vitamin
  • hair oiling and washing
  • scalp therapeutic massage
  • natural therapies

Making a custom-made routine in your specific hair kind is step one in encouraging hair progress.

A serious tenet of Ayurveda is that every one illness originates within the thoughts. Which means doshic imbalances often start with imbalances in our feelings and psychological state.

Whereas your mental-emotional state may appear to have little to do with hair progress, there’s some science to help this concept.

For one, a 2020 examine confirmed that hormones have a serious affect on hair. A 2017 examine prompt that continual stress, extreme train, smoking, and ingesting can result in hair loss.

A 2019 examine indicated that hair problems could have psychiatric and psychosocial points. Taking good care of your psychological well being is step one in being wholesome, even relating to hair progress.

In Ayurveda, following hair care routine contains consuming properly, providing the hair follicles nourishment from inside. This will likely assist forestall hair loss and result in new progress.

Greatest practices embrace:

  • a food regimen wealthy in dosha-specific vegatables and fruits
  • a average quantity of wholesome fats, like ghee or nuts
  • digestive aids like cumin, turmeric, ginger, and honey
  • natural dietary supplements, like Triphala, to stability the doshas

Consuming dosha-specific, seasonally accessible vegatables and fruits is right when attainable. This contains:

  • heavy and nourishing meals for vatas
  • cooling, calming meals for pittas
  • bitter or astringent meals for kaphas

Meals containing a balanced proportion of nutritional vitamins and minerals, plus a wholesome quantity of protein, are all the time greatest.

A average quantity of ghee and nuts nourishes the physique with wholesome fat. Fats may also translate into shiny, well-nourished hair.

Including small quantities of cumin, turmeric, ginger, and honey support the digestive juices to advertise absorption of vitamins.

Taking Triphala as an natural complement within the morning is one other frequent Ayurvedic observe to enhance digestion and maintain dosha imbalances in test. Triphala is Sanskrit for “three fruits” and refers to a mixture of Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and amla/amalaki that work collectively to stability all of the doshas.

Hair oils assist nourish the hair follicles, in addition to the scalp. Merely including hair oiling to your routine can encourage hair progress and deeply moisturize the hair you have already got.

The most effective oils by kind are:

  • almond or sesame oil for vatas
  • coconut or almond oil for pittas
  • olive oil for kaphas

You need to use plain coconut oil or sesame oil, or buy an natural oil that’s made particularly for the aim. An natural oil will comprise extracts of Indian herbs, like amla and rose petals. You may discover as much as 20 herbs in a single system,” says Ghanima Abdullah, a cosmetologist and hair skilled at The Proper Hairstyles.

Contemplate Life & Pursuits Natural Bhringraj Scalp Remedy with amla, hibiscus, and neem or the Banyan Botanicals Natural Wholesome Hair Oil with bhrami, amalaki, hibiscus, and rose.

It’s very best to grease the hair 2 occasions per week and wash with shampoo afterward. Washing extra steadily could strip the hair of its pure oils and discourage optimum progress.

No matter dosha, Ayurvedic recommends a heat oil head therapeutic massage adopted by 20 minutes of relaxation earlier than washing your hair.

“Mild scalp massages with natural oil can do wonders for hair progress and normal conditioning,” Abdullah says. “Typically, the oils are warmed and poured over the scalp and brow, then massaged in. One other observe is to therapeutic massage the neck and shoulders along with the scalp.”

A 2016 examine confirmed that 4 minutes of scalp therapeutic massage per day for twenty-four weeks elevated hair progress in Japanese males.

In Ayurveda, the fruits from the reetha (Sapindus mukorossi) and shikakai (Senegalia rugata) crops are added to heat water and transformed right into a frothy, soapy, shampoo-like product. This combination maintains the moisture of the hair strand, and the water is used to scrub and nourish the hair.

Though more durable to return by in its pure type, many shampoos embrace extracts from these fruits.

Attempt the Om Botanical Anti-Hair Loss Natural Shampoo, which comprises reetha, or the Havintha Pure Hair Shampoo Powder with amla, reetha, and shikakai. The iHeart Nature Natural Bar Shampoo is an alternative choice that comprises amla, shikakai, neem, and hibiscus.

Past cleansing hair, natural cures can assist enhance hair well being. Along with making use of heat natural oils previous to a hair tub, herbs might be included as a part of:

  • scalp and hair masks
  • chilly and heat hair rinses
  • hair teas or soaks

You solely want just a few easy herbs to make a hair tea or rinse. Dried powders, flowers, leaves, and herbs are some favorites in Ayurveda relating to hair care. These embrace:

Rose petals

These have a candy impact and are mentioned to be calming to all doshas. It’s greatest added to a lukewarm tub or chilly rinse to retain the fragile fragrant oils. Rose oil makes a fantastic ingredient for clay masks.

Inexperienced tea

This tea is warming, astringent, and should assist lower the kapha dosha. Heat inexperienced tea makes hair rinse for shiny and bouncy hair.

You may combine inexperienced tea powder with rose water to create a aromatic, stimulating scalp masks.

There’s some analysis that inexperienced tea stimulates hair progress, however the examine was completed on rats.


This makes a flexible addition to your magnificence routine, notably for hair. It’s cooling, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and can assist management dandruff.

Recent neem leaves can be utilized to make a heat hair tea or used as a heat hair rinse. Neem powder might be made right into a paste with faucet water and used as a hair and scalp masks.


Tulsi, or holybasil, is taken into account warming and helps promote hair progress. Recent tulsi leaves are very best in a heat rinse, both on their very own or blended with inexperienced tea leaves.

Tulsi leaf powder makes a fantastic paste for a dry and irritated scalp, particularly when blended with aloe gel for a cooling preparation that’s simple to use.


Additionally referred to as Indian gooseberry, amla is excessive in vitamin C and is efficient in eradicating dandruff. Add it to a hair rinse, or combine it with tulsi leaves for an efficient scalp masks.

Henna leaves

These can be utilized to make a paste to calm a scorching or irritated scalp.

Extra available in dried type, a paste of henna, enhanced with aromatic and calming fragrant oils, presents comparable advantages.


This flower helps take away stagnation from the scalp and should encourage hair progress. It may be utilized in dried or powdered type and utilized to the hair in a masks or as a shampoo ingredient.

In accordance with the inexperienced tea examine above, hibiscus additionally confirmed constructive outcomes for hair progress on rats.

Earlier than use, you’ll want to take a look at all natural cures with a pores and skin patch take a look at. Test with medical professionals about potential interactions with different medicines or therapies.

Madhavi Patel, aromatherapist, facialist, and proprietor of Rishi Veda, suggests together with aromatherapy in your hair care.

“Aromatherapy firstly impacts the psyche to attach the person on an emotional degree,” Patel says. She believes that scents can “result in profound advantages and modifications on an emotional, bodily, and non secular degree.”

She suggests the next calming and enjoyable aromas:

Patel notes that scent might be very private. “What one particular person considers calming could not work for one more.”

In accordance with a 2021 assessment, ylang ylang and rosemary important oils could stimulate hair follicles, however there’s no proof that aromatherapy has a direct impact on hair progress.

Nonetheless, a bit of further stress aid can’t harm.

A scalp or hair masks is commonly used to deal with undernourished areas by immediately delivering vitamins the place they’re most wanted.

Herbs can deal with scalp points, like dryness and dandruff. A great hair masks additionally seals the vitamins within the strands.

To use an natural scalp or hair masks, first decide which substances you’ll use. Widespread masks substances embrace:

  • aloe for a dry, itchy scalp
  • lemon and neem for an oily scalp
  • rose and sandalwood mixed in mild clay for an irritated scalp
  • henna blended with nutrient-rich oils to chill the scalp

If you wish to attempt a hair or scalp masks, comply with these steps:

  1. Wash your hair earlier than making use of the masks.
  2. Create a paste with the specified dry ingredient(s) and an acceptable liquid, like water or oil. Oil is greatest for dry hair and scalp.
  3. Wash your hair with a light-weight shampoo, and rinse earlier than the masks has dried fully.
  4. Keep away from blow drying your hair after the therapy for optimum profit.

Rinses and hair teas function a ending step in hair care. A rinse entails washing the hair out with water. A tea entails soaking the hair in a bath.

Historically, herbs, like neem or henna leaves, have been added immediately into buckets of heat water or blended into tub water to create natural rinses and teas.

Aromatic floral additions are sometimes utilized in chilly water baths, together with:

  • rose petals
  • jasmine buds
  • honeysuckle
  • hibiscus

These substances could calm irritated pores and skin, together with the scalp, and go away behind a candy, nice scent.

As talked about above, hair points might be greatest handled by first addressing dosha imbalance by means of psychological well being and food regimen.

Though it isn’t a fast repair, the knowledge of Ayurveda focuses on holistic options slightly than cures that solely goal signs.

“Needless to say Ayurveda addresses systemic imbalances that may manifest within the hair,” Abdullah says. “The answer isn’t restricted to the hair itself, however is one which addresses a deeper difficulty.”

As an example, which means that herbs and oils aren’t meant to solely tackle frizzy hair or dandruff. They’re designed to deal with the entire particular person.

“Purple, itchy scalp might be from an excessive amount of warmth within the system,” Abdullah says.

Which means making use of aloe vera to the scalp would assist present coolness and hydration, however it wouldn’t essentially tackle the systemic difficulty.

Nevertheless, frequent utility over time is an effective begin.

When left untreated, dosha imbalances permit issues to resurface. This contains hair loss. That’s why cures ought to be half of a bigger, built-in strategy towards self-care and wellness.

Our hair is commonly an indicator of our general well being. Correct hair care is about taking good care of the hair, in addition to the remainder of the physique.

Ayurvedic hair care is only one a part of a holistic self-care routine that may result in elevated hair progress and glossy, wholesome hair.

Nandita Godbole is an Atlanta-based, Indian-origin meals author and creator of a number of cookbooks, together with her newest, “Seven Pots of Tea: An Ayurvedic Strategy to Sips & Nosh.” Discover her books at venues the place superb cookbooks are showcased, and comply with her at @currycravings on any social media platform of your alternative.


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