Is Acidity Troubling You? Here’s a Diet Plan For Your Acidity Issues


Acidity is a fairly frequent digestive subject amongst individuals and may occur to anybody. And whereas as frequent as it might be, there are occasions it has taken the type of abdomen illness as nicely. The main cause for such digestive issues may very well be the consumption of scorching or fried meals in massive portions.

In the present day, we inform you concerning the meals gadgets that can assist you to get rid of the issue of acidity and to take action, it’s best to keep away from scorching and excessively fired meals gadgets and comply with a correct weight loss plan.


Banana is among the healthiest fruits for the human physique. It’s wealthy in calcium and iron. Consumption of bananas can simply cease the gastric downside. It’s wealthy in antioxidants and vitamins like potassium which assist cut back acid reflux disease. Banana additionally produces mucus on the abdomen lining, which lowers the pH stage. Banana incorporates loads of fibres that management acidity.


Watermelon is the richest supply of water. It simply compensates for the shortage of water within the human physique. The consumption of watermelon retains away the issue of gasoline formation within the abdomen. This fruit additionally incorporates loads of fibres that assist in your digestion. Correct digestion of meals helps get rid of the issue of gasoline within the abdomen. In case you are a affected person of acidity you have to eat watermelon.


Cucumber retains the abdomen cool all through the day. It incorporates loads of water and subsequently it hydrates the physique nicely. Consuming cucumber throughout summers will stop the issue of dehydration. It reduces acid reflux disease which prevents acidity and gasoline.

Coconut water

Individuals who habitually eat tea or espresso within the morning begin going through gasoline and acidity points. It’s extremely advisable for them that they have to drink coconut water. Ingesting coconut water early morning detoxifies the physique. It’s wealthy in fibres and antioxidants that maintains digestion of the physique

Drink a glass of chilly milk on daily basis

Consumption of at the very least one glass of milk strengthens the bones and cures abdomen ailments as nicely. Ingesting a glass of chilly milk within the morning is not going to trigger burning within the abdomen. It additionally controls urge for food in addition to retains the abdomen cool all through the day. Ingesting a glass of chilly milk will get rid of the issues of acidity and gasoline in a short while.

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