Does Castor Oil Work for Weight Loss?


Castor oil is a vegetable oil with a variety of beauty and medicinal makes use of.

Some individuals swear by its weight reduction results on account of its laxative properties, although you might wonder if there’s any proof to assist this declare.

This text examines whether or not utilizing castor oil is a protected and efficient weight reduction strategy.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil constituted of the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, which is native to Jap Africa however now discovered worldwide (1).

Its seeds — generally generally known as castor beans — comprise ricin, one of the crucial potent and deadly substances identified. Nonetheless, castor oil doesn’t comprise ricin.

The oil has been extensively utilized in conventional drugs to deal with abdomen issues, arthritis, and insomnia, in addition to induce childbirth (2).

In the present day, it stays a preferred remedy for constipation, hair progress, and pores and skin dryness. It additionally has a wide range of functions as a meals additive and within the industrial trade as a part of lubricants, paints, and biodiesel gasoline (3, 4).


Derived from the castor bean, castor oil has a variety of medicinal, beauty, and industrial makes use of.

Castor oil has a protracted historical past of use in conventional drugs as a laxative.

It comprises a compound known as ricinoleic acid, which stimulates the intestinal muscle tissues to contract. This may help push materials by means of the bowels (5).

The Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) categorizes castor oil as typically protected and efficient to make use of as a stimulant laxative. Nonetheless, its use for this goal has declined over time given the discoveries of more practical laxatives with fewer uncomfortable side effects (6, 7, 8).

Regardless, the laxative impact of castor oil has been prompt to assist weight reduction.

Whereas no research have particularly examined the consequences of castor oil for weight reduction, the oil probably relieves constipation, which may end up in weight reduction (9).

Nonetheless, take into account that if you happen to drop pounds from relieving constipation, any weight reduction would merely be the results of eradicating waste out of your digestive system — waste that your physique would already be eliminating.

Other than relieving constipation, no proof means that castor oil has any direct or oblique potential to assist weight reduction, corresponding to by growing metabolism or lowering starvation.


Castor oil relieves constipation, however no research assist its purported weight reduction advantages.

Regardless of the shortage of proof to assist utilizing castor oil for weight reduction, some proof helps its use for different advantages.

These embrace:

  • Wound therapeutic. Some test-tube and animal research counsel that the oil could profit wound therapeutic on account of its antibacterial results (10, 11, 12).
  • Hair well being. Whereas the oil hasn’t been proven to enhance hair progress or deal with hair loss, one 2003 research discovered that it could enhance hair luster (13).
  • Ache reduction. Animal research, together with an older one from 2000, have proven that the topical software of ricinoleic acid, which is present in castor oil, could scale back ache and swelling brought on by irritation (14, 15).
  • Pimples reduction. Take a look at-tube and animal research have proven that ricinoleic acid inhibits the expansion of sure micro organism that may trigger zits (16).


Castor oil has a number of promising well being advantages and makes use of, together with aiding wound therapeutic, bettering hair well being, relieving ache, and treating zits.

Whereas castor oil is usually thought of protected, it could trigger destructive uncomfortable side effects in some individuals.

  • Induced labor. Ricinoleic acid, a compound present in castor oil, stimulates the identical receptors within the uterus because it does within the intestines, thereby growing contractions. As such, people who find themselves pregnant ought to keep away from consuming it (7, 17).
  • Abdomen discomfort. Castor oil may cause belly cramping, vomiting, bloating, and dizziness. Different laxatives could also be higher tolerated (8).
  • Disrupted electrolyte stability. As with the continual use of any laxative, castor oil may cause electrolyte imbalances and dehydration (7).
  • Allergic reactions. Whereas uncommon, the topical software of this oil could trigger an allergic response in some individuals (6).

Well being authorities have established a suitable each day consumption of as much as 0.32 mg per pound (0.7 mg per kg) of physique weight (18).


Whereas typically acknowledged as protected, castor oil may cause opposed results in some individuals.

There aren’t any fast fixes for weight reduction.

Protected, efficient, and sustainable weight reduction requires that you simply restrict unhealthy habits and undertake wholesome behaviors of their place.

Listed here are some wholesome weight reduction suggestions:

  • Replenish on protein. Protein will increase satiety, reduces muscle loss, and requires extra energy to digest than carbs or fat (19).
  • Eat extra fiber. Consuming extra fiber-rich meals like fruits, greens, and entire grains, can promote emotions of fullness and thus show you how to eat fewer energy all through the day (20).
  • Get energetic. Whether or not it’s strolling, operating, boxing, swimming, or weightlifting, discover an exercise you take pleasure in and do it recurrently.
  • Give attention to sleep. Sleep is essential for weight reduction. Inadequate sleep will increase starvation and makes it tougher to drop pounds (21).
  • Self-monitor. Individuals who have interaction in self-monitoring methods like common self-weighing and monitoring their food plan and train could also be extra profitable at shedding weight (22, 23).

Making behavioral modifications will be troublesome, and it doesn’t occur in a single day. Attempt to begin by making small modifications to your habits, and bear in mind to be affected person with your self.


Protected, efficient, and sustainable weight reduction begins with implementing wholesome behaviors centered round your food plan, exercise, and sleep habits.

Other than any weight reduction which will end result from relieving constipation, no proof helps using castor oil for weight reduction.

Nonetheless, the oil could produce other makes use of and advantages associated to wound therapeutic, hair well being, and the remedy of ache and zits.

In case your aim is to drop pounds, begin by including extra fiber and protein to your food plan, turning into extra energetic, specializing in getting good sleep, and monitoring your progress.


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