10 Nutrition Myths Experts Wish Would Die


However the analysis doesn’t counsel that consuming extra will trigger sustained weight acquire that leads to turning into obese or overweight. “Fairly, it’s the kinds of meals we eat which may be the long-term drivers” of these situations, mentioned Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a professor of diet and drugs on the Friedman Faculty of Diet Science and Coverage at Tufts College. Ultraprocessed meals — equivalent to refined starchy snacks, cereals, crackers, power bars, baked items, sodas and sweets — might be notably dangerous for weight acquire, as they’re quickly digested and flood the bloodstream with glucose, fructose and amino acids, that are transformed to fats by the liver. As an alternative, what’s wanted for sustaining a wholesome weight is a shift from counting energy to prioritizing wholesome consuming general — high quality over amount.

This fable stems from conflating fruit juices — which might increase blood sugar ranges due to their excessive sugar and low fiber content material — with entire fruits.

However analysis has discovered that this isn’t the case. Some research present, as an illustration, that those that devour one serving of entire fruit per day — notably blueberries, grapes and apples — have a decrease danger of creating Kind 2 diabetes. And different analysis means that if you have already got Kind 2 diabetes, consuming entire fruits may help management your blood sugar.

It’s time to bust this fable, mentioned Dr. Linda Shiue, an internist and the director of culinary drugs and life-style drugs at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, including that everybody — together with these with Kind 2 diabetes — can profit from the health-promoting vitamins in fruit like fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

There’s a notion that plant-based milks, equivalent to these produced from oats, almonds, rice and hemp, are extra nutritious than cow’s milk. “It’s simply not true,” mentioned Kathleen Merrigan, a professor of sustainable meals programs at Arizona State College and a former U.S. deputy secretary of agriculture. Contemplate protein: Usually, cow’s milk has about eight grams of protein per cup, whereas almond milk sometimes has round one or two grams per cup, and oat milk normally has round two or three grams per cup. Whereas the diet of plant-based drinks can fluctuate, Dr. Merrigan mentioned, many have extra added components — like sodium and added sugars, which might contribute to poor well being — than cow’s milk.

Potatoes have usually been vilified within the diet neighborhood due to their excessive glycemic index — which suggests they include quickly digestible carbohydrates that may spike your blood sugar. Nonetheless, potatoes can truly be helpful for well being, mentioned Daphene Altema-Johnson, a program officer of meals communities and public well being on the Johns Hopkins Heart for a Livable Future. They’re wealthy in vitamin C, potassium, fiber and different vitamins, particularly when consumed with the pores and skin. They’re additionally cheap and located year-round in grocery shops, making them extra accessible. More healthy preparation strategies embrace roasting, baking, boiling and air frying.

For years, consultants informed new mother and father that one of the simplest ways to forestall their kids from creating meals allergy symptoms was to keep away from feeding them widespread allergenic meals, like peanuts or eggs, throughout their first few years of life. However now, allergy consultants say, it’s higher to introduce peanut merchandise to your youngster early on.


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