10 Health Fixes You Can Do in Under 10 Minutes, From Removing Splinters to Banishing Hiccups


Hitting a significant well being objective like getting stronger muscle groups or having a more healthy coronary heart can take lots of persistence and exhausting work. However if you’ve received an itchy bug chew, a headache, the hiccups, or an precise ache in your neck, you need reduction proper now. We’ve rounded up expert-approved tips—lots of them utilizing on a regular basis merchandise you have already got in your home—for feeling higher in just some brief minutes.


Increase your blood sugar by consuming skim milk

In an ideal world, you’d eat well-rounded meals at common intervals, protecting your blood sugar regular from morning till night time. However if you’re slammed at work, should ferry your children to one million actions, or simply haven’t had a second to sit down down for a correct meal, you may wind up lightheaded, shaky, and anxious. A fast, long-lasting repair? Chug down 6 to eight oz of skim milk. “Lactose is a fast-acting carbohydrate—inside a couple of minutes, it can transfer out of your abdomen to your intestines and begin changing into blood sugar,” says Wendy Bazilian, Dr.P.H., R.D., writer of The SuperFoodsRx Food regimen. Why skim? The fats in 2% or entire milk slows down the impact of the blood sugar improve and vitality enhance. When you’re on a vegan food regimen or lactose illiberal, a small handful of dried fruit with nuts can do it too.


Sooth a superficial wound with honey

Bought a scrape or a first-degree burn? Slather on honey for fast reduction—particularly Manuka honey, which yow will discover in natural-food outlets or big-box shops. The candy stuff from New Zealand comprises an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory compound referred to as methylglyoxal (MGO), which presents broad-spectrum safety towards a minimum of 80 strains of micro­organisms, together with MRSA and Strep A. (It disinfects with out stinging, making it a wise alternative for teenagers’ ouches.) Apply to a clear reduce or burn as you’d antibiotic ointment, masking it with a bandage, says Emily Rubenstein, D.O., head of dermatology at Chicago’s Swedish Pores and skin Institute. Change the bandage every day, reapplying honey as wanted. That is for minor cuts and burns solely—if there may be extreme bleeding or a burn is blistering or swelling, get medical assist.


Lubricate dry eyes with chilly drops

Dry eyes are tremendous frequent—particularly in ladies, particularly as they age, says Alan Mendelsohn, M.D., an eye fixed surgeon in Hollywood, FL. To pump up the reduction you get from OTC eye drops, retailer them within the fridge. The chilly temperature adjustments the viscosity “in order that they penetrate the corneal floor higher than they’d at room temperature,” Dr. Mendelsohn says. Plus, cool drops are simply much more comforting. When you’re not feeling reduction after a number of days, see your eye physician to rule out an an infection.


Take away a splinter with glue

The same old go-to for splinter removing is tweezers or a needle. However that may damage, says medical anthropologist Terry Graedon, Ph.D., cofounder of the web site The Individuals’s Pharmacy. Plus, the standard splash of rubbing alcohol or wave of a flame doesn’t actually sterilize. As a substitute, attempt squirting plain white glue over the splinter. Let it dry, then pull it off within the route reverse that from which the splinter entered. It ought to slide out fairly painlessly.


Relieve itchy bites with a spoon

When a mosquito nabs you proper on the ankle or arm, do this surefire repair: Moist a small metallic spoon, pop it within the freezer for 5 minutes, then apply it to the chew. The chilly temp constricts blood vessels so the histamines from each the insect’s saliva and your immune system can’t unfold as far, decreasing the itchiness. There’s additionally slightly little bit of Jedi-mind-trick motion, Dr. Rubenstein says: “The chilly distracts your itch receptors so that you don’t discover the feeling as a lot.” Repeat as usually as wanted.


Shut down hiccups by plugging your ears and swallowing

You may cease asking somebody to scare the hiccups out of you—this “boo”-less people treatment actually works! One of the simplest ways to do it: Have another person firmly plug your ears when you drink a big glass of water. “Swallowing stimulates your vagus nerve,” explains Amyna Husain, D.O., a pediatric emergency medication doctor at Johns Hopkins Youngsters’s Heart in Baltimore. The vagus sends a message from the mind to the diaphragm—the muscle that powers hiccups—to relax. Swallowing slowly additionally pauses your respiration, giving the diaphragm a wanted break.


Dial down stress with a podcast

The following time you’re feeling anxious, tune in to a brief podcast (two of our favorites are NPR’s StoryCorps and The Reminiscence Palace) for a pure chill-out response. Listening to an awesome story kicks off a “neural ballet” that begins with a barely elevated coronary heart fee (due to a dopamine rush) adopted by a surge of oxytocin, which acts like a pressure-release valve for stress, says Paul Zak, Ph.D., a behavioral neuro­scientist at Claremont Graduate College. He provides that the subject of the story doesn’t matter; so long as there’s a plot line that attracts you in and makes you care, it creates a way of immersion that’s related to improved temper.


Tame a headache with a glass of water

When you’ve got a headache, gulp down a glass of water. Typically dehydration is the trigger, says Stavros A. Kavouras, Ph.D., director of the Arizona State College Hydration Science Lab. He says that if you skimp on H2O, the physique secretes hormones in anticipation of what it thinks shall be a state of dehydration, and a few of these hormones may cause a headache. The mind itself might also barely shrink with out adequate water, which doesn’t really feel good.


Work out a crick in your neck by strolling

Sleep in a clumsy place, and you may wake feeling as in case your head is locked in a single place: This occurs when one among your cervical joints isn’t transferring as freely because it ought to. To loosen it up, take a stroll. Once you stroll at an honest tempo, your arms naturally swing, creating movement in all these muscle groups, “which very gently relieves rigidity within the neck,” explains Shani Soloff, an orthopedic bodily therapist in Stamford, CT. You may exaggerate the swing barely, however to not the purpose of constructing arm circles, she says. Simply stroll as you usually would, protecting your shoulders relaxed the entire time. (Don’t carry a bag, and no speaking on the cellphone—that may create extra rigidity in your neck.)


Cut back a bee’s sting with meat tenderizer

That meat tenderizer in your pantry can truly deal with bee and wasp stings: “Select a tenderizer that comprises papain, a chemical in papaya that breaks down meat proteins—it could additionally break down proteins in bee or wasp venom,” Dr. Husain says. First, make certain the stinger is out of your pores and skin by flicking it off along with your fingers. Then create a paste of tenderizer and water and depart it on for 15 to twenty minutes. When you expertise any allergic reactions to the sting, get assist instantly.

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