10 foods that boost immunity | Multimedia


– Key nutrient: Folate

Legumes prime the record on the subject of nutrient-dense meals that assist the immune system because of their folate content material.

Folate, additionally known as vitamin B9, is a crucial a part of your physique’s most intimate make-up—DNA and genetic materials creation, dividing of cells, and protein synthesis. A folate deficiency impacts the immune system by lowering circulating T cells, that are cells that defend the physique from an infection, and blocking your physique’s capability to combat an infection.

Getting sufficient folate is a straightforward feat for anybody who loves legumes. Beans, peas, and lentils are loaded with folate and provide an incredible supply of different immune health-supporting vitamins together with B nutritional vitamins and copper. So as to add to the pot, legumes are a wonderful supply of fiber, which is important for a wholesome intestine and instantly correlates to the soundness of your immune system.


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